Walk Again was created to give hope to those SCI patients who dream of recovery. Through intense exercise based therapy programs, a much improved quality of life can be achieved by encouragement, education, support and self belief.  If you believe you will walk again we want to support you and believe with you.

Resources For You

Care Givers
  • Care Giving a two-way street - Four years ago, quite literally overnight, I developed a permanently disabling spinal cord disorder. Bob became my round-the-clock caregiver. With our wonderful marriage of 25 years, we knew we'd cope beautifully. But we didn't. 

  • The National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA) - Grass roots organization that supports families caring for their aged, chronically ill or disabled loved ones.

  • Family Care giving 101 - Assists the caregiver with practical information and moral support.

  • Well Spouse Association (WSA) - Organization for wives, husbands and partners of the chronically ill and/or disabled.

  • Quality of Life Grants Database - Find resources within the PRC Quality of Life Grants Database. Search by Zip Code, State or an Entire Category.

  • Library Books and Videos - Find resources within the PRC library catalog.
  • Spouses of spinal cord injury survivors: The added impact of care giving - To better understand the needs of spouses who provide care to spinal cord injury (SCI) survivors, by comparing their self-perceptions and complaints with those of their partners with disabilities and with those of spouses who do not provide care.

  • Simplifying life with a spinal cord injury - When it comes to family and friends, these new care giving duties can be rewarding, frustrating, time-consuming, and exhausting.  Care giving has its goods and bads, but the main factor that remains the same is that a loved one needs your help. Care giving is a developed skill, and as time goes on there are certain tricks of the trade that are developed.

  • Caring for Caregivers - SCI InfoSheet #17 - Between 40 and 45 percent of individuals with spinal cord injuries (SCI) need personal assistance with some daily activities . The majority have tetraplegia and often need assistance with getting in or out of bed, managing bowel and bladder issues, bathing, and dressing. The lower the level of injury, the less assistance is needed.

  • Family Caregiver Alliance - Founded in 1977, Family Caregiver Alliance was the first community-based nonprofit organization in the country to address the needs of families and friends providing long-term care at home. FCA  now offers programs at national, state and local levels to support and sustain caregivers.
  • The Caregivers Advisory Panel - Family Caregivers (anyone providing care to a loved one or friend)- Learn about participating in our Research, You will be Compensated. Let Your Voice Be Heard  TCAP has a database of 25,000 family caregivers and a research panel of thousands of family caregivers nationwide, with whom it conducts strategically focused, results-driven market research. Panel members are individuals from across the country who provide care or assistance to someone who needs help as a result of an illness, a disability, or the aging process. They reflect varied demographic characteristics and caregiving situations. The panel was established to provide a resource for companies and individuals trying to develop and deliver products and services that meet the needs of caregivers and care recipients, as well as to serve as a resource to organizations advocating for caregivers.
  • Preventing Secondary Medical Complications - A Guide for Personal Assistants to People With Spinal Cord Injury. An easy-to-read booklet designed to help personal care assistants in working with the person with SCI in his/her daily routines. It gives the PCA instructions for giving proper health care assistance that can help prevent medical complications. Some of the topics: skin, bladder, and bowel care ... range of motion exercises ... respiratory care ... diet ... temperature control ... autonomic dysreflexia ... and heterotopic ossification. A daily schedule/checklist and glossary are provided. 25 pages. Illustrated. In Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. (Developed by the Medical Rehabilitation Research and Training Center in Prevention & Treatment of Secondary Complications of SCI at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.
  • Personal Care Assistants: Special People for Your Special Care - This booklet addresses some of the concerns and experiences which the family of a person with SCI may experience. It focuses on some of the initial questions and concerns loved ones may have about the injury and feelings that families experience.
Counseling Services

If you are like many SCI patients you and your family may be having difficulty coping with the many changes in your life.  If you can lock into a good Bible believing church in your area often times there is plenty of support and counseling available...even in smaller churches.  Check with the Pastor for what might be available.

  • Burgundy Bay Wellness Center - Welcome to Burgundy Bay Wellness Center, we are a non-profit organization that offers individual, couples, group and workshops to the public on various therapeutic issues. In addition, Burgundy Bay offers a range of specialty programs that address specific issues; Monarch, Helios and Agape are just a few specialized programs. Our goal is to provide education, encouragement and empowerment to all who seek a healthier way of life.  Burgundy Bay offers face to face support and counseling plus web based services.   Their unique approach is helping many overcome what individuals once considered impossible.  Dr Laura Mayfield has been in the allied health field for over 15 years.  Dr Mayfield is a kind and caring person who genuinely cares about YOU.  Visit their site and sign up for a free trial to learn about all their benefits.

  • Community Bible Church- Celebrate Recovery is not just for alcoholics and addicts.  This is a great program that can offer lots of support from people who care.  For more information contact Pastor Jonathan Phillips, (208) 365-3712

Veterans Services 
  • National Veterans Wheelchair Games - A multi-event sports and rehabilitation program for military service veterans who use wheelchairs for sports competition due to spinal cord injuries, amputations, or certain neurological problems.  Attracting more than 500 athletes each year, the National Veterans Wheelchair Games is the largest annual wheelchair sports event in the world.

  • Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents - If you are a veterans God Bless you and thank you!  In case no one has shared with you, there are some wonderful benefits available to you.  The Veterans Administration will pay for new equipment for you, medical supplies, prescriptions and so much more.  Most benefits are available no matter what your income level is and to both service connected and non-service connected injuries.  Download the booklet from the link below or visit your nearest VA Hospital today.

  • Paralyzed Veterans of America works to maximize the quality of life for its members and all people with SCI/D as a leading advocate for health care, SCI/D research and education, veterans’ benefits and rights, accessibility and the removal of architectural barriers, sports programs, and disability rights.

  • Disabled American Veterans (DAV)  - Information about the organization and its services, including a downloadable magazine and news releases relating to issues affecting veterans with disabilities. A long list of links of interest to veterans (with and without disabilities) is also included.  

Finance Services  
  • Cash & Counseling - offers Medicaid consumers who have disabilities more choices about how to get help at home. Specifically, it gives frail elders and adults with disabilities the option to manage a flexible budget and decide for themselves what mix of goods and services will best meet their personal care needs. Cash & Counseling participants may use their budgets to hire their own personal care aides as well as purchase items or services, including home modifications that help them live independently. The Cash & Counseling Vision Statement fully describes the essential components of the model.
  • Maximizing Your Benefits - An article in New Mobility magazine (July, 2001) that reviews ways to "work the system" so that you can still earn a paycheck and keep your benefits.
  • Mobility and Access Loans - Available as part of membership benefits through American Association of People with Disabilities (only $15/year)
  • Legal Rights of the Catastrophically Ill and Injured - Receive a FREE, 282 page comprehensive resource guide that will assist families and medical providers in identifying and understanding medical insurance, governmental benefits, special education benefits, and accident-related benefits to which they are entitled.
  • GiveTech.org - GiveTech does not give away computers; rather they give away input devices that allow people with quadriplegia to use computers.
  • G.O.A.L.S. - Go Out and Live Successfully! - G.O.A.L.S., Inc. (Go Out And Live Successfully!) is a foundation dedicated to helping people with spinal cord injuries better access their environment. Provides funds to meet a mobility-related need.
  • HelpingPatients.org - A new interactive Web site designed to help you find patient assistance programs for which you may qualify.
  • Attorney David P. Drew - Attorney David Drew will handle your SCI case on a personal level.  He will be aggressive and fight for your rights.  If you live anywhere in Ohio and you have suffered a spinal cord injury contact Attorney David Drew today: (330) 762-0080

  • Spinal Cord Injury Law - Each  year more than 10,000  people in the U.S. fall victim to a spinal cord injury resulting from a variety causes, including auto accidents, shootings, diving accidents and falls. Such injuries usually result in long-term or permanent health and life-style changes. In addition to the loss of physical mobility and other serious long term health issues, SCI victims and their families have to contend with the added cost of specialized medical care and loss of future earnings.
Disability Rights
  • National Disability Rights Network - Through training and technical assistance, legal support, and legislative advocacy, NDRN works to create a society in which individuals with disabilities are afforded equality of opportunity and are able to fully participate by exercising choice and self-determination. Provides links to state P&As and CAPs.
  • Disability Rights Legal Center - The Mission of the Disability Rights Legal Center, formerly the Western Law Center for Disability Rights, is to promote the rights of people with disabilities and the public interest in and awareness of those rights by providing legal and related services.
  • Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund - A national law and policy center dedicated to protecting and advancing the civil rights of people with disabilities through legislation, litigation, advocacy, technical assistance, and education and training of attorneys, advocates, persons with disabilities, and parents of children with disabilities.
  • ADA Compliances: Why we don't have it. How we get it - An article from New Mobility magazine [November, 1999) by Richard Holicky that discusses problems that the ADA has run into and ways that it can be more effectively enforced.
  • ADA Watch and the National Coalition for Disability Rights (NCDR) - ADA Watch is a project of the National Coalition for Disability Rights (NCDR), a nonprofit alliance of hundreds of disability, civil rights, and social justice organizations united to defend and strengthen disability rights.
Sexuality and Spinal Cord Injury

Sex is not a dirty word we cannot talk about in Sunday School.  God created sex in the bounds of marriage.  Even if you have a disability you can enjoy sex with your spouse.   Don't give up on sex just because you have to do things a little different.  Your needs have not changed; your spouses needs have not changed; you still need to be sexually intimate with your spouse.  Below are some links that I hope you will find useful.

  • Sexuality - This site contains tons of links of very useful articles that address male and female sexual issues.   Quote from one article, "My final message is to the females. It is devastating for any male at any age to lose their ability to have an erection or ejaculate. It took me a long time to understand why our spinal cord injured males wanted injections if they could not feel anything. I began to realize that it was tied to their sense of masculinity. So, ladies, remember that males may view sexual functioning as, not only a chance to give and receive pleasure, but as an expression of their masculinity. The best thing that we can do is have an appreciation and respect that this is really very important to them."

  • SCI Sexual Health - We are a team of physicians and nurses especially trained in the area of sexuality and bladder care following traumatic brain or spinal cord injury.

  • Sex & Spinal Cord Injury - "Sex is something you do, sexuality is something you are."

New Injury and Publications

The Spinal Cord Injury Handbook  

(1998), (155 pages).
Richard C. Senelick, M.D., with Karla Dougherty.
This important source is written with clarity, easy to understand; it addresses your fear, concerns, and questions with authority and compassion. Included are the six major areas necessary for rehabilitation success and for optimum health as a spinal cord injured person.
Book: $12.95, plus $2.50 shipping and handling;
Video: $19.95 plus $2.50 shipping and handling.
To order: call 1-210-691-0737, ext. 300 (Pat Brown) or Fax: 1-210-588-1297 or online

Spinal Network: The Total Wheelchair Resource Book

(1998)(3rd ed.)
Eds Corbet, B. Dobbs, J. Bonin, B.
One of the best wheelchair resource books available, with excellent information on health, relationships, sex, sports, travel, employment, recreation, independent living, cure research, state by state listings and much more.
Cost: $49.95 plus $7.50 shipping and handling.
To order: call 1-888-850-0344, ext. 109 or online.

Consortium for Spinal Cord Medicine. Clinical Practice Guidelines on Spinal Cord Injury for Healthcare Professionals

Neurogenic Bowel Management in Adults with SCI
Pressure Ulcer Prevention & Treatment Following SCI
Depression Following SCI
Respiratory Management Following Spinal Cord Injury
Acute Management of Autonomic Dysreflexia
Prevention of Thromboembolism in SCI
Preservation of Upper Limb Function Following Spinal Cord Injury
Outcomes Following Traumatic SCI

These booklets are concise, practical, and easy to use. Professional guidelines: Free plus shipping and handling; or Download online (no charge).


Neurogenic Bowel: What You Should Know
Pressure Ulcers: What You Should Know         
On the Move: A Financial Guide for Persons with SCI
Managing Personal Assistants: A Consumer Guide


Reflejo Disfuncional Autonomo: Lo Qué Usted Debería Saber
Intestino Neurogénico: Lo Que Usted Debe Saber
šlceras por Decubito: Lo Qué Usted Debe Saber
Consumer guidelines: Free plus shipping and handling; or Download online (no charge).
To order: 1-888-860-7244 or 1-301-932-7834 or Fax: 1-301-843-0159

A Guide and Resource Directory to Male Fertility Following Spinal Cord Injury/ Dysfunction.

(2000), (44 pages).
Marie J. Amador, B.S.N., Charles M. Lynne, M.D. and Nancy L. Brackett, PhD, HCLD.
An excellent information booklet for the SCI/D consumer re: male fertility. This booklet includes a resource directory listing by state. Cost: Free to individual; institutions: shipping and handling.
To order: contact The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, Attention: Maria J. Amador, at 1-305-243-7108 or P.O. Box #016960 (R-48), Miami, Florida 33101-6960 or email or download in English or Spanish

On the Move: A Financial Guide for People with Spinal Cord Injury.

A collaborative effort between the PVA, NSCIA and the National Endowment for Financial Education; analyzes lifetime costs for people with different SCI levels at different ages; suggests funding alternatives.
Free plus shipping and handling.
To order: PVA: 1-888-860-7244;
NSCIA: 1-800-962-9629.

Peer Visitation Training Video

The Greater Boston Chapter of NSCIA’s nationally renowned Peer Visitation Program training video; offers personal interaction and instruction. The program consists of six videotapes and written materials.
Cost: $49.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.
To order: contact the Greater Boston Chapter Office: 1-781-933-8666 or e-mail or go to the website.

International Ventilator Users Network: Resource Directory 2002.

This useful directory provides a list of vent users and health professionals committed to persons on long-term ventilation. Included are equipment, aids and manufacturers’ addresses.
Cost: $8.00. To order: call 1-314-534-0475 or fax: 1-314-534-5070 or information available online

A House For All Children: Planning a Supportive Home Environment for Children with Disabilities

Richard V. Olsen, Ph.D., B. Lynn Hutchings, M. Arch., and Ezra Ehrenkrantz,
F.A.I.A. A parent’s practical manual, for creating a barrier-free home environment that will grow with the child with a physical disability. Suitable for all ages.
To order book or video, call 1-973-596-3097 or fax 1-973-596-8443 or on-line.

Yes, You Can! A Guide to Self-Care for Persons with Spinal Cord Injury, 3rd edition

This extremely popular guide to self-care for people with spinal cord injury has been updated and expanded. The third edition includes six new chapters on pain, sub-stance abuse, exercise, alternative medicine, equipment, and staying healthy. Written by experts, Yes, You Can! is a guide for both the newly injured patient in the SCI unit and the SCI patient who is out of the hospital. This guide will also serve as a useful resource for family members.
#5200-149 (English)—$15.00
#5200-175 (Spanish)— $15.00
PVA Publications Distribution Center 888-860-7244

Paralysis Resource Guide Book

From the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center
There is no charge for the Paralysis Resource Guide, a 310-page, full-color book.
To Request a Paralysis Resource Guide Book:
Call the PRC toll free at 1-800-539-7309 ext. 7224 
 Email their staff here:  prcasst@crpf.org 


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