Walk Again was created to give hope to those SCI patients who dream of recovery. Through intense exercise based therapy programs, a much improved quality of life can be achieved by encouragement, education, support and self belief.  If you believe you will walk again we want to support you and believe with you.

Research Initiatives

I would like to make a couple of general statements before I provide some research below.   First, the reason I know what is available for SCI treatment is because I have done my own research.  Even the doctors do not know everything that may be available to your specific case...or even on a general level.  DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

Second and perhaps in my mind the most important because of my personal and Christian convictions; I will not link to or provide any research on embryonic stem cell research.  Why?  Simply this, "I AM NOT WILLING THAT SOMEONE ELSE GIVE UP THEIR LIFE IN ORDER FOR ME TO WALK."  If your convictions are different that is ok; this is not a religious or political site.  With that said, I have done some research and found that in many cases embryonic stem cell research has done little if anything to enhance science.  On the other hand, adult stem cells and umbilical cord has done great things in science.  They can even use your stem cells to promote spinal cord healing.  AMAZING TECHNOLOGY.

There are some sites such as the Christopher and Dana Reeve organization that I will link to.  They do support embryonic stem cell research...which I do not...but they do some great research in other areas and are dedicated to the cause.  So for those reasons, I do suggest that everyone look at what they have done.  Many people do not know this but before Christopher Reeve died he had gained some movement back and was able to walk in water.  He could also move his index finger and lift his arm!  After 6 years he was making gains!  Never stop believing.

I hope the research page helps those learning about SCI because of a friend or love one has been injured and those that are like me who already have a SCI.  Don't depend on your doctor to have all the answers.  You may have to educate him.  Remember, no one will care about your recovery more than you! 

Physical Therapy

The reason this is at the top is because I am convinced that without physical therapy you will never make the big gains.  The trick is to find a physical therapy program that supports your goals.  Don't let them dictate to you what your goals are...you tell them. 

With that said, some physical therapy is better than none.  You may have to make up the difference in your home for what you are not getting at the clinic.   Make sure whoever is helping you at home is dedicated and anything you try outside of a controlled setting you discuss...and it would be a good idea to discuss your plans at home with your physical therapist and your doctor.

Something's I do at home: I lift light weights to keep my shoulders strong, I use the hand bike for cardiac work, I lift heavier weights to build strength, I get my wife and son to help me stretch my lower extremities and assist with crunches and sit-ups.   Even if it seems like they are doing most of the work or even all of the work, I still go through the motions.  I know the worst thing I can do is to not move.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the uptake of pure oxygen under increased pressure used to enhance the acceleration of the body's natural ability to heal from traumas, diseases, and other afflictions.

Nutrition and Supplements

Beyond Tangy Tangerine

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Stem Cell Research
Spinal Injury Nerve Regeneration

First I will speak to skeptics and non-believers.   When Jesus walked the earth he made the lame walk and the blind see.  We know this is true because of the numerous eyewitnesses. Including people who hated Him...the Pharisees accused Him of breaking the Sabbath by healing the sick on the Sabbath day.  Many secular writers such as Josephus also made note of Him healing.

We also know from scientific study that something happens to us physically when we pray.  It doesn't matter if we believe in God or not...science has shown changes in brain activity and we have seen countless examples of people being healed.  Besides, even if you are the staunchest of atheists, what could it hurt?

Now, to my fellow brothers and sisters, you need no convincing because you yourself have seen the effectiveness of prayer...you know by faith that God hears and answers prayer.  So, how do we as believers pray for recovery?  Will God hear us? 

What I would like to do is establish a set time to pray for yourself and pray for other spinal cord injury patients.   The time will be every day at 7:00PM...in any time zone.  Soon we will have a bracelet or something to help remind us that at 7:00PM everyday we will all pray.  If you know the name of name someone with an SCI, great if not, God knows!  We should be praying for finances and cures.  We should pray for each other's families.  Now lets do business with the devil...we call this spiritual warfare.   There is a great book by Pastor Wayman Mitchell and John Gooding Called Healing: Commission, Confrontation, and Compelling Witness.  Click here to read it.  It's a short book of only about 80 pages.  The truths come from many years of study and observation.   When praying we should cast out the following spirits:

Please keep in mind that it is not personal...someone close to you could have one of those evil spirits upon them or be involved in the occult.  It is important that we remove these curses.

We need to speak resurrection life and command the nerves to live.  Plead the blood of Jesus.

Make sure if you have ever been to a chiropractor, touch therapists, witch doctor, reflexology, iridology and remove all Ouija boards, tarot cards, palm readers, horoscopes, Dungeons and dragon games from your home.

Cast out cults, secret societies (freemasons, eastern star) remove books of the occult or cult "bibles" from your home.

If you are not sure about some of these things ask your Pastor or email and I will try and help.  If you have never prayed in this manner and you feel uncomfortable, that's ok...just pray and ask God to help us...pray like you always have.  If you have the gift of tongues, use your Heavenly language...if you don't that's ok.  The idea is to make sure God hears from all of us.

Another great article from a Healing Seminar by Pastor Henry Wright.  I did not transcribe this...and I noticed some typos but still some good information.  More electronic books on healing:  Healing the Sick by T.J. Osborn and Christ the Healer by F.F. Bosworth

Maybe you are reading this page and you do not have a dog in the fight.  Perhaps you want to help, but the only thing you can do is pray.  Please join us at 7:00PM where ever you are and pray for us.  Just a simple prayer will be fine.  Thank you so much.

Other Research
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