Walk Again was created to give hope to those SCI patients who dream of recovery. Through intense exercise based therapy programs, a much improved quality of life can be achieved by encouragement, education, support and self belief.  If you believe you will walk again we want to support you and believe with you.


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Champion My Rosebud and Leila  Kevin and his wife Kathy
My Momma and my nephew Brezden My son Nick...boy he needs a hair cut My nephew Cole

Glenda and Kevin while I was still in the hospital Jim and Kevin Pastor Adams and I at the Hospital
My sister Glenda and I at St. Alphonus Hospital in Boise, ID. My great friend Jim from Emmett Community Bible Church Pastor Adams and I when I was in the hospital
The Airrington kids Glenda sitting on my lap at the park Joshua and Dad
My children and I just after I returned from the Seattle VA Hospital -- SCI Unit My sister Glenda sitting on my lap at the park...one of my first outings after I was released from the hospital My youngest -- Joshua David and I.

Larry W Jones Rosebud and Leila Kathy 
Larry W. Jones and me at a wild game feed. Rosebud and Leila man they are growing. My wife Kathy with her brother Dan and her sister Angie. 

My son Nick holding his brother Joshua David Pastor Melvin and his wife Tamela holding Joshua David Pastor Melvin, My sister Glenda and my Momma
My Momma and my sister Glenda at the hospital My brother-in-law Mike and his grandchildren: Kaden, Taylor and Brezden My niece Katie holding Taylor...one of my sister's foster children in the back.
  Joshua David   
Great fiends Dick and Sheila holding Joshua David at the hospital Joshua David, "I was born awesome!" My cousins: Cheryl & Melody
Leila and Joshua  Kathy and kevin  
My son Joshua David and my Daughter Leila My wife, Kathy and I in the hospital.  I couldn't do this without her! Nicole: awesome friend!  Thank you for your support.

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