Walk Again was created to give hope to those SCI patients who dream of recovery. Through intense exercise based therapy programs, a much improved quality of life can be achieved by encouragement, education, support and self belief.  If you believe you will walk again we want to support you and believe with you.

Donate Today

Walk Again is run as a non-profit organization and we are currently raising funds to open an exciting new facility in Emmett, ID. This cover the purchase of equipment, fitting out premises, training staff, etc.  Funds will also be used to fund research for a cure.

You may donate via check, cash, Pay Pal or all major credit cards.    If you would like to mail donations please send them to:

Walk Again Foundation
828 S Washington Ave., Suite 102
Emmett, ID 83617
(208) 398-9890

Please make checks & money orders payable to: WALK AGAIN FOUNDATION, INC.
You may make donations in any amount online, larger donations should be mailed.  Please let us know if you need a receipt for tax purposes.  Thank you so much for your gift. 


We are always looking for ways to raise monies to extend the program to as many individuals as possible.  If you can help in any way we would be extremely grateful.  Please contact us at info@walkagain.info

Donate Items

You may donate your saleable items to the Walk Again Foundation.   We accept clothing, electronics, tools, jewelry and more.  If you have a large amount to donate, please call ahead. Ship or drop off items above.  Your items will be sold in our Walk Again Thrift Store, on eBay and on Overnight Auctions.  If you have questions or have large items to pick up please call our donations coordinator Billie Rossi at (208) 353-7467 or email: billie@walkagain.info

US Bank

Give a donation at any US Bank.   Walk into any US Bank and tell them you want to make a gift donation to the Walk Again Foundation.  (this feature available soon) 

Tangy Tangerine

115 Fruits & Vegetables, 24 Vitamins and 75 minerals. ORAC Value 5745 (Compared to Mona-Vie: 691   This nutritional drink is like no other.  Your purchase helps the Walk Again Foundation and the American Cancer Society.  Plus your own health deserves Tangy Tangerine.  For more information or order visit: www.drinktangy.net Save $30.00 per canister by becoming a distributor: Sign up today!

Shop Online

You can shop in any of these online stores.  A percentage of your purchases will be donated to the Walk Again Foundation. 

Earn 2˘ for the Walk Again Foundation for each Internet search you do at:  http://isearch.igive.com/

http://www.magfundraising.com/wafi Our online fundraising store has over 650 of the most popular magazine titles at up to 85% off newsstands prices. Purchase or renew your favorite magazine subscriptions and 40% of your purchase will go directly to our cause!  http://www.magfundraising.com/wafi

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Business Owners

You can put a jar on your sales counter and ask your customers to contribute or take a collection up in your office.  Maybe you can do a matching gift...the company can make a donation then offer a paid day off if someone matches or exceeds the companies gift.  You could even issue a challenge to area businesses to match or exceed your companies' gift. 


Perhaps God is dealing with you to give.  You will remember from the account in Mark 6:30-44 when the miracle took place...5 loaves and 2 fishes to feed 5,000 families.  Remember, the steps?  Jesus blessed it, but it did not multiply until the disciples gave it away.  Also, in John 2:1-11 the disciples at the instruction of Jesus (and His mother) filled the pots with water.  The water did not turn to wine until the disciples gave it away (first to the governor of the feast).  Your church's finances will multiply once you give it away.  Won't you consider a love gift to help me walk again and to help others who are in the same situation as I am?

We are always telling our congregations to give, give give...now is your opportunity to reap a blessing.  Pastor, as you know, giving is not isolated to just the members of the church.   Tithes and offerings besides.   

Perhaps you can take up a love offering.  If your church is located inside the State of Idaho or in a bordering state I would be happy to come and visit your church and share my story.  Please go to the contact page and call me or write me. 

One thing I know every Bible believing Christian Church can do: add us to your prayer list.  Ask your congregation to pray for the Walk Again Foundation.  I believe with all of my heart this is ABSOLUTLY the most important ingredient. Please drop me a line and let me know that you and your congregation is praying for Walk Again. 

Fundraising Activities

Fundraisers are a great way to get involved and have fun.  Your group can earn thousands of dollars in a very short period.  We will create a page to acknowledge your group for your hard work.  Please select from one of the fundraisers below or choose your own.  You will need to register with them and get their kit (many are free and have no upfront costs).

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Something everyone can do is to donate some of their dedicated prayer time.  Please pray for the Walk Again Foundation.  Also, please remember to take time and pray for others that suffer from spinal cord injury.  This alone can be the key.

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